Artificial Intelligence is transforming many industries. While I believe that the whole potential has not yet been unleashed, there are use-cases in which a human-robot joint collaboration is providing higher value for content creators.

Recently, I had the pleasure to present and share my professional experience at the executive course “Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Marketing” at SDA Bocconi School of Management and at the IMB class at Bocconi Asia Center Mumbai.
I shared my personal view on how content automation can help media publishers and financial institutions deliver higher value to their customers. …

Building prototypes is a key activity for both product and presales managers. Why it is so important to rapidly give life to your product ideas?

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see — Benjamin Franklin

If you work in a software company and you constantly do product presentations, you know that live demos are key for the success of your business. It’s rare, if not impossible, that you will be able to close a deal without showing your software in action.

However, no demo is equal to another considering that there are always some distinctive…

“Can you see my screen? Do you hear me clearly?” “Yes” And it’s show time…


Doing software presentations is an ART.

The effort for the preparation, the hours spent rehearsing, fixing bugs, being ready to manage unexpected events, coordinating different teams… these are just few of the characteristics required to perform an outstanding product presentation.

After many years presenting and selling B2B software to business and technical executives in different sectors, I decided to write a short guide for whoever is approaching this “art” for the first time:

· Master your software.

It’s important that you spend time understanding the software you are selling.

Omar Gazarin

Half Italian, Half Egyptian, Living in New York. Passionate about technology, sport and real relationships.

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